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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 'Christ' In Christmas

Woohoo! 2012! Let's here some noisemakers! 2012, the year of the Dragon, a leap year, and altogether a new year. Man!
You know Christmas is already over (I missed it by a long shot) but I still feel in the Christmas Spirit, so that's why I decided to  write about Christmas. In this post I want to focus on some Christmas facts that are left out by most people who celebrate it all across the globe.


Christ came
Born of a virgin
Came without sin
Left without sin
And in between,
Died, for all the sin that he never had

Most people-especially Christians- know all about this. But what's ironic is the fact that most Christians don't follow this at all! It's rather sad to know this. But partially in this post I would like to help you. Take a look at Christmas in your home, and see if it's really what you think it should be like.


Now There are some things involved with Christmas ( mainly by tradition ) that have certain meanings to me, like the Christmas tree for example; To me the Christmas tree is an example of our life after we except Christ into our life:

Our spring is our birth-point

Summer, our prime time of life

Fall,  Is the time when we start to wither away

And when when Winter comes around most of us die away,
But we stand firm like Evergreens, Waiting for the next spring to come along.

You see. Another example is the gift giving; During the holiday season, we give gifts as a tradition, but that also can be an example. Around Christmas time we give gifts--- just like God gave his son -Jesus Christ- as a gift to us. What I'm saying is that, just like we talked about in the last post, everything everywhere is centered around CHRIST!

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